Become a PCP

Just what is a Precinct Committee Person?

Democratic Party of Lane County Duties and Responsibilities

1. A Precinct Committee Person (PCP) is a member of the Democratic Party of Lane County Central Committee, the highest Party authority in county political matters.

2. A Precinct Committee Person represents the Party to the Democrats in his or her precinct.

3. A Precinct Committee Person may participate in internal Party elections at Reorganization Meeting every two years, as well as the Congressional District Convention every four years to choose Oregon's delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

To get right down to it, a PCP is there to help win elections by getting Democrats registered and by getting Democrats to vote!


How to Become a Precinct Committee Person

A precinct is the smallest political unit in the county. If you are a registered voter and a strong Democrat, then you should consider becoming a PCP to advocate for progressive change in your community. Becoming a PCP will allow you the changes that will make your neighborhood a better place. As a PCP, you will also be the crucial link between the electorate and the Party; you will serve as the essential linkage to transfer voter preferences into legislation.

Becoming a PCP is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Fill out the DPLC PCP Application. Print out and complete the Application form or drop by the DPLC office to pick one up.

2. Attend a Central Committee Meeting to be Nominated. Turn in your application as soon as you arrive. You will be asked to make a brief statement as to why you want to become a PCP. The Central Committee will then vote on your nomination.

3. Attent the next Central Committee Meeting to be Appointed. At the next meeting, the Central Committee will vote to confirm your appointment to the office of Democratic Precinct Committee Person.