Become a PCP

What is a Precinct Committee Person? Why Should I Become One?

A Precinct Committee Person (PCP) is a vital member of the Democratic Party of Lane County Central Committee, the highest authority in county political matters. A PCP helps win elections by getting Democrats registered and encouraging them to vote.

Democratic Party of Lane County PCP Duties and Responsibilities:

1. A Precinct Committee Person represents the Party to the Democrats in his or her precinct.

2. An elected PCP may participate in the internal Party election at the Reorganization Meeting every two years.

3. An elected or appointed PCP may participate in the Congressional District Convention every four years to choose Oregon’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

A PCP can:

  • Help develop the party platform
  • Speak up for Democratic values
  • Step into party leadership positions
  • Work with party leaders to coordinate events
  • Communicate with elected officials
  • Help raise money for the DPLC
  • Run for office or help recruit qualified candidates

How to Become a Precinct Committee Person

A precinct is the smallest political unit in the county. Precinct maps are available here.  If you are a registered voter and a strong Democrat, then you should consider becoming a PCP to advocate for progressive change in your community. As a PCP, you are the crucial link between the electorate and the Party, helping to translate voter preferences into legislation. The county keeps a list of all Democratic Precinct Committeepeople here.

There are two ways of becoming a PCP: election or appointment.


Every two years, PCPs are elected by neighbors in their precincts during the primary election. 2016 is one of those years.

1. File to run as a candidate by filling out the SEL105 form available to download at the Lane County Elections website or at the county office at 275 W. 10th Ave. Forms can also be picked up at the Democratic Party of Lane County at 224 E 11th Ave.

2. Submit your form to the Elections office between February 1 and March 8.

3. You will be notified by Elections if you receive enough votes during the primary election to represent your precinct. The Democratic Party of Lane County will also be notified and will be in contact both to welcome you and explain how you can get involved.


If you miss the election or are not elected, you can also be appointed as a PCP.

1. Fill out the DPLC PCP application form. Download and print the application or drop by the office to pick one up.

2. Attend a Central Committee Meeting (held monthly; see our calendar for details) to be nominated. Turn in your application as soon as you arrive. You will be asked to make a brief statement as to why you want to become a PCP. The Central Committee will then vote on your nomination.

3. Attend the next Central Committee Meeting to be appointed. At this meeting, the Central Committee will vote to confirm your appointment to the office of Democratic Precinct Committee Person.

4. When it's time for the next election, you'll want to complete the "Election" process so that you can participate more fully as a PCP.