Thank you for taking the time to support the Democratic Party of Lane County! With the generous contributions from donors such as you, we have been able to maintain a year-round office and provide meeting spaces to support our twin missions: electing Democratic candidates to local, state and federal offices and promoting progressive causes. We also use donations to fund our participation in community events such as the Lane County Fair and the Eugene Celebration.

Get carded! We are seeking at least 1,000 people to become card carrying members of the DPLC. You can become a card carrying member by contributing $20 or more once a year. If you would like more information about our card carrying membership program, please email the DPLC Membership Coordinator.

Political contributions of up to $50 per person or $100 per couple per year can be taken as a credit against your Oregon income tax. Donating to the DPLC qualifies for the tax credit the same as any other donation to a candidate or political party.

You can make a donation online today via ActBlue. You can also download the Donation Form, fill it out and mail your contribution (and the form) to:

Democratic Party of Lane County
P.O. Box 11138 
Eugene, OR 97440-3338

Want to get more involved? Sign up to volunteer your time! Contribute as much time as you wish and work on activities that range from door-to-door canvassing to planning and staffing events.