Elected Officials


Ron Wyden

United States Senator

Jeff Merkley

United States Senator

Peter DeFazio

United States Representative


Kate Brown

Oregon Governor

Floyd Prozanski

State Senator, District 4

South Lane and North Douglas Counties

Arnie Roblan

State Senator, District 5

Coos Bay

Lee Beyer

State Senator, District 6


James Manning

State Senator, District 7

North Eugene, West Eugene, Santa Clara, and Junction City

Paul Holvey

State Representative, House District 8


Caddy McKeown

State Representative, House District 9

Coos Bay

Phil Barnhart

State Representative. House District 11

Central Lane and Linn Counties

John Lively

State Representative. House District 12


Nancy Nathanson

State Representative, District 13


Julie Fahey

State Representative District 14

West Eugene, Junction City, Cheshire and Alvadore