Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the DPLC. DPLC volunteers engage in grassroots political action for progressive causes and candidates year-round, and there are many volunteer opportunities available.

Here are some ways to get involved:

Join a Campaign

(Team Sorenson in May 2012)

Knock Doors (Canvass)

(John Lively canvasses Springfield in July 2012)

Donate to the DPLC

(Rep. Nancy Nathanson at our 2012 Gala)

Make Calls (Phone Bank)

(Karl Eysenbach works the phones)

Support Elected Officials

(Mayor Piercy at the 2011 Labor Day Picnic)

Write a Letter to the Editor

(DPLC Secretary Andrew Becker composes an LTE)

Rally for Progressive Causes

(SEIU rally in Salem, February 2011)

Table at Community Events

(Travis and Celine at the 2011 Pride Festival)

Attend a Training

(Matt Keating instructs OFA volunteers, Feb. 2011)

Staff our Office

(Laura in the office during campaign season 2010)


Check out our Calendar to learn about our upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for real-time updates about DPLC activities.