Lane County Party Leaders


DPLC Officers

Chair Chris Wig
Vice Chair Laura Gillpatrick
Treasurer Emily Keizer
Secretary Celine Swenson-Harris


House District Officers

House District 7 Co-Chairs Christy Inskip
Jane Irola
House District 7 Vice-Chairs Pam Driscoll
Jerry Samaniego
House District 8 Chair Sean Shivers
House District 8 Vice-Chair Lil Frey  
House District 9 Chair Karin Radtke
House District 9 Vice-Chair Nora Kent
Jennah Litecky-Yost
House District 11 Chairs Richard Cundiff
Kamala Shugar
House District 11 Vice-Chairs Brandon Jordan
Brian Josephson
House District 12 Chair Chelsea Jennings
House District 12 Vice-Chairs Irene Henjum
Jason Nance
House District 13 Chair Lisa Levsen
House District 13 Vice-Chairs Kevin Lance
Emily Mooney
House District 14 Co-Chairs Madison Hibler
Tai Pruce-Zimmerman
House District 14 Vice-Chairs Lawanda Manning
Ryan Moore
Lin Woodrich


DPLC Committee Contacts

Budget Chair Tim Morris
Calendar and Website Editor Emily Keizer
Campaign Services Chair Ryan Kounovsky
Community Action Chair Ryan Moore
Community Action Vice Chairs

Rebecca Bradvica
Emily Mooney

Fundraising Chair Jason Nance
Information Services Mick Cranston
Organization Chair Ron Thompson
Organization Vice Chair - Membership Jill McKenney
Organization Vice Chair - PCPs Sloan Heermance
Platform/Resolutions Chair Charlie Swanson
Public Relations Chair Emily Keizer
Public Relations Vice Chair Gina Gervase  
Rules Chair Marty Wilde
Rules Vice-Chair Kevin Cronin  
Office Manager Sloan Heermance
Executive Committee At-Large Robert Pinger
Executive Committee At-Large Brian Josephson  


DPLC Allies

UO College Democrats

Hannah Argento-McCurdy
Young Democrats of Lane County
Florence Area Democratic Club Karin Radtke
Middle Fork Democratic Club Georgeanne Samuelson


SCC and 4th Congressional District

State Central Committee

4th Congressional District

Delegates Delegates
Chris Wig Chris Wig
Emily Mooney Nora Kent
Ryan Kounovsky Anna Peña
Anna Peña Ryan Kounovsky
Carleen Reilly Emily Mooney
Celine Swenson Harris Matt Keating
Becca Byerley Carleen Reilly
Timothy Morris Becca Byerley
Ryan Moore Kevin Cronin
Alternates Alternates
Laura Gillpatrick Laura Gillpatrick
Pat Reilly Celine Swenson Harris
Anca Matica Gerry Rempel
Kevin Cronin Pat Reilly
Natalie Jenkins Natalie Jenkins
Gerry Rempel Lil Frey
Brian Josephson Timothy Morris
Ron Thompson Brian Josephson
Nicole Leseney Ron Thompson